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VERSAILLESSaison1-affiche-2048x920If you’re a period drama fan, and we’re talking the sexier dramas like Outlander or Vikings, as opposed to the gentle fare of Downton, then Versailles might just become your new go-to show.

Not surprisingly, this French-Canadian co-production looks stunning. Filmed on location at the real Versaillles, amongt other lavish French locations, it’s budget runs at a whopping £21 million, costing twice as much per episode as Downton.

It’s written in English, by an all British team that includes Simon Mirren (Waking the Dead) and David Wolsencroft (Spooks), so comes with a stellar pedigree. And while the cast are largely widley unknown faces, you might recognise George Blagden as Louis XIV from Vikings where he played monk Athelstan.

Having already been succesfully sold all over Europe, shown in Canada it is due to hit BBC 2 later this year. And it’s been so successful the cast have been busy on Season 2.