I guess, in life, shit happens. We all have break ups, and we all deal with them differently. Me, having my heart ripped out then Riverdanced on repeatedly over the course of a few months really did some damage and when it finally all ended, well I was a literal puddle of tears and snot lying on the floor screaming. Coming in the middle of an already rough time, dealing with a host of other ill-timed and depressing things has just been too much.

By 10pm last night (the night of the break up) I decided to rewatch Game of Thrones (not too much romance there you see, more killing, this felt like a good thing) but I just wanted to cry, so I did, I did both. It would have been more logical of me to turn it off but really, achieving anything beyond staring at a screen and crying felt impossible. I’m still partially convinced this is my new life now, crying while going about tasks, because you see, I’m a drama queen.

So now it’s 4am, I haven’t really slept and in truth, I haven’t really stopped crying, but in a bid to be productive in the face of the shit tsunami that hit last night, I decided to start thinking about break up films. So here we go…

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


That desire to erase the soul destroying romance from your mind is all to real to me. Watching Jim Carrey crying uncontrollably in his car as Beck’s “Everybody’s gotta learn sometime” plays, well at least you’re not alone, someone else is falling apart too. Beyond that though, it is a beautifully made, quirky little film with brilliant performances from Kate Winslet and Carrey, and some neat, in-camera effects.

500 Days of Summer


We’ve all been so into someone that early on your relationship feels like it requires a musical number of happiness. Then it all crashes and burns and you’re left bumping into each awkwardly. If any film can sum up my heart right now it’s this. I think for a while I even had the ‘expecation’ and ‘reality’ split screen going on.

Under the Tuscan Sun


Because running away after a break up feels like a really good idea right now even if I can;t buy a villa in Tuscany. Rediscovering oneself while discovering somewhere new seems like the perfect antidote. If it makes you stronger and more greatful for the little things like Diane Lane’s character then all the better.

Annie Hall


Arguably the greatest realtionship movie of all time. Beautiful, witty and full of sarcasm, watching two people fight it out over a period of time, makes you realise just how hard relationships are. Sometimes they end, even when people love each other.

Funny Girl


In truth it’s a straight forward love story. Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy screw up, girl is broken hearted, but it’s the score that so beautifully illustrate this. So this comes with extra media, because well…

Sense & Senseability


Because we’re all Marianne standing on that hill in the rain in heartbroken agony.

Legally Blonde


Hear me out, because underneath all that pink and fluff, Legally Blonde is a break-up film. Elle, dumped by her boyfriend, sets out to change her ways and win him back, only to discover that’s not what she wants. It’s actually the ultimate post-beak up empowerment film.

The Way We Were


More Streisand. It’s really about how two people who are so different can beat the odds for just a short time to be happy and when it’s over they still manage to love and respect each other in their own way.