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There’s two films that since last years Comic Con I have been tapping my fingers to see. The first is Deadpool and he will be among us soon, the second was Suicide Squad. 

The first footage last year, released with the Bee Gees, I Started A Joke was sublime and kudos again because the new trailer comes with a touch of Bohemian Rhapsody and plenty of one liners. It goes a little further into what to expect from ‘the worst heros ever’. Interesting, it’s only Deadshot who’s named and there’s some deliberate vagueness to the introductions, and the plot. Is the carnage they walk into really all down to the Joker? But from this footage, the film potentially belongs to Margot Robbie and the crazy, yet glorious Harley Quinn.

It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s violent (can you see a trend here) and I can’t bloody wait.