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Celebrities attends the U.K Premiere of "A Little Chaos" at the Odeon Kensington in London. Featuring: Alan Rickman Where: London, United Kingdom When: 13 Apr 2015 Credit: Euan Cherry/WENN.com

Alan Rickman isn’t done with us just yet, we’ll still get to see his talents in the frthcoming Eye in the Sky and hear that famous voice in Alice Through the Looking Glass. That will round off a body of work that, on screen, didn’t happen in a big way until his 40’s.

I’ve picked my favourite Rickman roles, not all his most famous, or perhaps even best, but that ones that I enjoyed most.

Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves

It was the first film I ever saw him in, in the dark of the cinema it was like a sledgehammer of just what an actor was capable of as he burst onto the scene and the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. I loved it. I devoured the video on repeat just to watch him. I learned later it was a role he’d turned down several times until the director agreed to let him play the role as he wanted, and what a stroke of luck that was.

Sweeney Todd

Musical and Alan Rickman aren’t two words you instantly put together but Sondheim requires actors first and foremost and as the cruel and controlling Judge Turpin, he’s glorious. It doesn’t matter if he can sing at all, you just watch his duet with Depp and smile.

Bottle Shock

I love this little film, and Rickman’s performance as a wine expert who sets out to find the best California has to offer is sublime. Gently funny and yet with an undertone of frustration and weariness.

Galaxy Quest

It’s fair to say Galaxy Quest has become something of a cult favourite. Rickman’s performance as Alexander Dane, a snobbish Shakespearean thesp who can’t come to terms with his role on a naff sci-fi show.


Proving he could switch sublimely between comedy and drama, Rickman’s turn a Metatron, the Voice of God in Dogma was a world away from anything he’d done before. Sarcastic, dry, and yet tender he stands out in in an all star cast.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

A role that seems just a little more poiniant today. The warm, beautiful Jamie who comes back to Nina after he’s died. It’s stunning, funny and heartbreaking.

Blow Dry

He might be famous for the villains but my god was he good at the comedy. Blow Dry went largely unnoticed despite really great cast, but his role as a retired hairdresser in a Yorkshire town, is glorious.

Sense & Senseability

The one who was there all the time, quietly waiting. Enough said.