Penny Dreadful? More like Penny Awesome. Oh that’s terrible, I do apologise. But in all seriousness, I do love this show. There’s shows I get round to every week and there are shows I dive on and this, I dive on. I devour it. Truth be told, that’s largely down to the incredible performance of Eva Green every week. But, having never really been a Josh Hartnett fan, I have to admit, in this I find him immensely watchable. Billie Piper too, has proven just how good she can be, her transofrmation as Lily last season from vulnerable to quite possible the most evil of all characters on the show, was truly glorious. One of Penny Dreadful’s strengths is also scattering the cast with exceptional actors in smaller roles, Simon Russell Beale, Helen McRory, Patti Lupone, Rory Kinnear.

So, Season 3 is on it’s way! Debuting on May 1 actually, but Showtime have released the first trailer and it’s as beautiful and dark and compelling as ever.