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Well, we have to talk about it. Whatever your view of the HFPA, (do you have one?) you have to admit that the Golden Globes marks the official start to the insanity of awards season.

Okay, so some of their choices can seem a little, um, random. The Martian landing in the comedy or musical film category (!), Lady Gaga (!). But for every WTF, there’s the fact that in their own way the HFPA give awards to shows and performances that might not get the recognition they deserve otherwise.

Last night that came in the shape of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, who took home prizes for Best TV Comedy and Best Actor in a TV Comedy or Musical for Gael Garcia Bernal. It’s a show that, via Twitter, it soon became clear few people were actually watching. I’ve been a fan from the get-go, it’s a quirky little gem with a charming performance by Bernal and if you haven’t already watched it, I urge you to seek it out and give it a go.

Beyond that, look I’ll be honest, I didn’t get as excited for any other win more than I did for when Oscar Isaac won for his stunning performance in Show Me A Hero. It’s pretty good to be Isaac right now, Star Wars, X-Men; Apocolypse coming later this year, the fact he’s basically the internet’s boyfriend right now. But here’s the thing, this won’t be the last time you see that man win an award, I can promise you that. If anything, he’s long overdue the kind of fame and recognition that’s suddenly been heaped on him.

But there were some annoying misses too. How the hell did Alicia Vikander walk away empty handed? Alongside Eddie Redmaynes more flashy, baity role in The Danish Girl, it’s Vikander who is the heart of the movie and to lose for Ex-Machina too (tho I love Kate Winslet winning anything), it just seemed criminal somehow. And I’m mad about Eva Green too. Really mad. If you’ve watched Penny Dreadful you know what I mean. She’s nothing short of masterful on that show, it’s as simple as that. Taraji P Henson’s Cookie Lyon in Empire may have thundered into pop culture significance, but to watch Eva Green’s slow fight against darkness over two seasons has been breathtaking.

My only other real peeve of the evening was Paul Dano missing out on a win for his role as Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy to Sylvester Stallone. But I would have been equally happy to see Idris Elba or the wonderful Mark Rylance up there. Beyond that, it was all, ‘yay Maura Tierney’, ‘bravo Christian Slater’ and ‘hurray Wolf Hall’.

I’m not entirely convinced that Brie Larsons win for Room marks her as an Oscar front runner just yet, not when Cate Blanchett is in the fight. You never count out Blanchett. But I do think that Leonardo diCaprio’s win for The Revenant, will only serve to reinforce his campaign. Hollywood likes and respects him, he’s deserved that Oscar a few times over by now, but like Winslet, they’re going to make him work for it. I’d say Inarritu is a sure bet for all the directing awards this season, and rightly so, and The Revenant and The Martian are up there for Best Picture, but I did love Spotlight and The Danish Girl.

And what about the ceremony itself? It took all of, ooh, a minute for me to miss Tina and Amy. I don’t dislike Ricky Gervais actually, but that opening monolouge was awful. Though I will say I laughed out loud at his introduction of Matt Damon, “He’s also the only person who Ben Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to. Please welcome, Matt Damon!” Watching Damon struggle to keep a laugh at bay whilst also looking obviously uncomfortable was kind of brilliant.


Jonah Hill’s appreance with Channing Tatum (side stepping the hair) in a skit where he played the bear from The Revenant was deeply unfunny. Just remember that Jonah Hill has more Oscar nominations than Gary Oldman. Think about that for a moment.

But there was some joy (pardon the pun) in the shape of Hollywoods favourite BFF’s Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. The answer is yes. Yes, we do want to be part of their squad, and yes, we’re excited for their movie together too. #AmyalltheHemsworths


Eva Longoria and America Ferrera threw some hilarious shade at Hollywood racism with a joke about Latina actresses, ‘neither of us is Rosario Dawson’, while Aziz Ansari had the nights best cut away joke, even if Gael Garcia Bernal did win.


All in all, it wasn’t a bad night, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt ended up on stage together after all…..